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For the perfect match.

Not everyone can be a living organ donor,
but everyone can help people in need.
We’re here to get you started.



For the perfect match.

Not everyone can be a living organ donor, but everyone can help people in need.
We’re here to get you started.


What is a Champion?

We all have a network. A group of people we’re connected to through family ties, friendship, work and community. These networks can create miracles. Our Champions program helps people along their transplant journey, teaching them how to talk to their network about living donation. A Champion can be a transplant patient, their loved ones, friends or anyone else ready to spread the word. And we give our Champions all the resources they need, from education to social media posts, to make a difference.


Meet David.

He needs a kidney.

These are David’s friends and family.

They are his Champions.


Meet Martha.

She’s a friend of David’s Champions. And a perfect match.

Through living donation…

Martha became a hero—and saved David’s life.

Dr. Jonathan Hundley

Learn more about living donor kidney transplant, including tools to help you find a living donor.

Dr. Jose Fernando Lizcano-Perez

Aprenda mas sobre la donación viviente de riñon, incluso unos recursos para encontrar un donante vivo.

How to be a Champion

Becoming a Champion is easy. All it takes is spreading the word. Whether you need a living donor or are advocating for a loved one, here are some tips to help you get started.

Know the Difference

“The list”
115,000 patients are on the national organ transplant waiting list, hoping to be matched with a deceased donor from the national donor registry. But the need for organs far exceeds the supply.

Register to be a donor

Living Donation
In living donation, a healthy person donates an organ (usually a kidney or part of a liver) to someone whose health depends on receiving it.

Become a living donor

Tell Your Story

Think about your or your loved one’s journey. The highs and lows of facing kidney or liver disease. The battles already won and the victory still to come. How will you share this story?

Understanding the journey is crucial to becoming a living donor. Our toolkit (featured below) has writing tips to help you get started.
Once you have your story, share it with your network so they can be a Champion with you too.

Build Your Team

Every superhero has a team that supports them. Make a list of people in your or your loved one’s network, and ask them to talk about the need for a living donor.

Because the people you know might know someone who knows someone who could be the perfect match.

Spread the Word

Use all of your resources—work, church, social clubs, emails, newsletters and especially social media.

Spreading the word can save a life, and it could be as simple as joining a support group, using the company newsletter or sharing a post on Facebook or Instagram.


A Kit for the Cause

Need a little extra help sharing your story? No problem! From customizable flyer and business card templates to shareable infographics, we have the tools to make you a Champion.


Stay in the Know

Want more tips on being a Champion? We’ve got you covered with our quarterly newsletter.

Let’s get together

We believe in the power of support and community. That’s why we make it easy to find the best groups for our Champions. Discover upcoming events near you.

The American Liver Foundation Southeast Division, in collaboration with Emory Healthcare and Piedmont Healthcare presents a free educational program for the patient, caregiver and healthcare communities.

Ask the Experts: Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Saturday, April 25, 2020 | 7:30am – 12pm
Piedmont Hospital | Richard Rich Auditorium
1968 Peachtree Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Spread the Word. Save a Life.

Spreading the word just got a little easier. Use Facebook or Twitter to share the site on social media.

You can also share the site with your family and friends via email.